[Gdal-dev] MrSID format (+ GDAL doc page)

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Aug 2 18:18:54 EDT 2003

Aleksey Naumov wrote:
> A unrelated note on GDAL main documentation page (index.html) -- 2 fixes under 
> Key Documentation Entry Points:
> 	- edit links to GDALDataset and GDALRasterBand classes to remove the '_' in 
> files names (class_GDALDataset.html => classGDALDataset.html)


I have modified gcore/index.dox to let Doxygen provide these links instead of
doing them manually.  This way the correct naming scheme is used for the version
of Doxygen ... it seems that the file naming conventions change between Doxygen

> 	- "gdal_utilities.html" page seems not provided with the package (CVS), I 
> think it should be, the utils are great and the page is very useful!

The source for this is gcore/gdal_utilities.dox.   To generate the
derived documentation use "make docs".  I no longer keep all the html files
in CVS.  The CVSing of generated files was causing lots of headaches.

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