[Gdal-dev] DIG35 support

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 18 10:09:29 EDT 2003

Ayman Kamal wrote:
> Hello,
> Does GDAL support DIG35 metadata or is there any
> intent of supporting it in the near future?
> Here is a link for DIG35
> http://www.i3a.org/i_dig35.html


GDAL does not have any specific support for DIG35 metadata, which I hadn't
heard of before your email.  Skimming the document I see it is an XML based
format that can be stored in a variety of image file formats.

This could be passed through the GDAL metadata API in a couple of different
ways.  One is to flatten out each DIG35 metadata item into a seperate metadata
item in GDAL.  The other is to treat the whole DIG35 XML document as a single
metadata item.

I am not really planning on adding this for any of the formats in question,
but it shouldn't be all that different if needed.

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