[Gdal-dev] Importing SRTM30 with GDAL

Ben Discoe ben at vterrain.org
Mon Aug 25 16:42:01 EDT 2003


I tried it last week and the SRTM30 files appeared to read into GDAL
just fine, without any tweaking.  What did you tweak?


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> From: Andrey Kiselev
> Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003 3:27 PM
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> Subject: [Gdal-dev] Importing SRTM30 with GDAL
> Hi folks,
> Recently Markus pointed to the new 30 arc seconds DEMs, 
> updated with the SRTM data:
> ftp://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/srtm/SRTM30
>I did a few tweaks in GDAL and now these data can be read with the EHdr
>(ESRI .hdr Labelled) driver. You should use raw .dem file as an input.
>		Best regards,
>		Andrey

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