[Gdal-dev] DEM 'no_data' specification

Jim Julian julian at preferred.com
Tue Feb 4 20:56:54 EST 2003

Hi Frank,

    Thanks. One question. Given a VRT format, what can I do with it?
GDAL creates an output file with the same 'no_data' value and any
attempt to load OpenEV with the file crashes the program. Do I
load the image and then reference the *.VRT file?

                                                              Jim Julian
The command line I used with GDAL:
gdal_translate -of VRT 9238-dem-uint16.pgm
gdal_translate -of PNM 9238-dem-uint16.vrt 9238-dem-uint16-vrtinv.pgm

>If I had a dataset that I wanted to have a particular nodata value I would
>likely copy it to VRT format (creating an XML virtual file referring to the
>original), and add the nodata spec to that .vrt file by hand.
>In a .vrt file the nodata spec would look something like this:
>   <VRTRasterBand dataType="Byte" band="1">
>     <NoDataValue>255</NoDataValue>
>     <SimpleSource>

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