[Gdal-dev] OpenEV licence

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Feb 5 17:10:24 EST 2003

Simon Perkins wrote:
> I thought OpenEV was LGPL'd?
> See e.g.:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/openev/
> http://openev.sourceforge.net/geo_inov_proj_summary/openev_open_source.html
> The LGPL means you can use it in proprietary software, surely?


You are right, it is LGPL, not GPL for essentially the reasons you stated.
Note that proprietary products using LGPL libraries are generally required
to provide the source to the LGPLed component (obviously with any
modifications) on request, and the LGPLed component needs to be included
in such a way that the user can rebuild and replace it.  For instance, using
it as a shared library, or separate executable.  You should not statically
link an LGPLed component into a closed source package as the user loses the
ability to fix/improve the LGPLed component for use in the closed source

I keep GDAL under an X/MIT license for maximum re-usability, without even
these modest limitations.

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