[Gdal-dev] minor error in envidataset.cpp

Vladimir Slepnev slepnev_v at newmail.ru
Tue Feb 11 17:52:28 EST 2003


There seems to be an error in the file gdal\frmts\raw\envidataset.cpp on
line 409, in function int ENVIDataset::ProcessMapinfo( const char
*pszMapinfo ).

What is there:
        oSRS.SetUTM( atoi(papszFields[7]),
                     EQUAL(papszFields[8],"South") );

What should be:
        oSRS.SetUTM( atoi(papszFields[7]),
                     !EQUAL(papszFields[8],"South") );

Am I wrong?

Vladimir Slepnev
Programmer, RDC ScanEx

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