[Gdal-dev] Python examples

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 17 15:13:12 EST 2003

Joel Lawhead wrote:
> I’d like to voice support for some sort of GDAL/Python examples 
> repository mentioned on several posts this weekend.
> Messages from Python/GDAL users are infrequent on this list so I figured 
> not many people are using GDAL from Python. But if that’s not the case 
> then some sort of script exchange could be really useful.


While I think a majority of GDAL users are just using the library from
applications like OpenEV, MapServer or the utilities provided with
GDAL, there is significant use of Python going on too.

> I’m using GDAL exclusively from Python and could really benefit and 
> contribute to such an exchange. Right now the only examples I’ve found 
> are the GDAL pymod directory, OpenEV, and scattered posts throughout the 
> list. It would be great to see some user-contributed programs.  What’s 
> the best way to host something like that?

They are being committed to CVS under pymod/samples.  They can be browsed
live on the web at:


If you have entries you would like to submit, and if you don't have CVS
access, just email them to me or Andrey with a bit of a description to
include in the README.

Note, OGR/Python examples are also of interest.

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