[Gdal-dev] problems with OSR

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Sat Feb 22 13:29:31 EST 2003


I figured out that the version in CVS would work. I didn't interpret 
the messages as warnings since they included the string ERROR...

The demo is a lot better with a game controller with rumble feedback. A 
good sound card helps too.

We render the vector data using OpenGL and do our point and area 
queries using OpenGL selection. For access to the vector data (all we 
support right now) my grad student found a library to read shape files. 
I forget its name. We can download shape files from the National Atlas 
and our colleagues over at the Ancient World Mapping Center can easily 
ship us there data in shape files.

I'm struggling to learn about map projects (messy stuff!). The maps 
from the National Atlas appear to be in NAD83 (which is something like 
latitude/longitude as I understand it). I want to produce a normal 
looking map (say of NC) so it looks to me like I can use the functions 
in OSR to get into another coordinate system that I haven't figured out 
yet. Then we can work with the map in that coordinate system. I've read 
about "State Planes". I'm thinking that is likely most appropriate for 
state maps.

Thanks for the interest in BATS. Right now, kids who are visually 
impaired are in 45 public school systems in NC. Almost all of them have 
NO access to maps of any kind. When the sighted kids are doing a map 
activity the kids who are blind have NOTHING to do. That drives me 
crazy. We're trying to provide some small step toward fixing that. 
We're going to give our software away with as many maps as we can stand 
to make. Then we're going to try to make some tools to make it easy for 
GIS cognizant teachers and school kids to make maps for kids who are 
blind. Hopefully some map publishers will pick up the idea and provide 
textbook maps in an accessible format.


On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 13:16:23 -0500 "Frank Warmerdam" 
<warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:

> Gary,

> The pj_get_def and pj_dalloc entry points are not strictly necessary for
> correct operation and the intention is that they should just be
> considered warnings. I would hope that you would find things are still working.

> You can avoid the problem entirely by utilizing the version of PROJ.4 that
> is in CVS (which has the entry points) or using the CVS snapshot of GDAL
> (which avoids printing out an error message for these failures).

> I skimmed over the BATS pages.  It looks cool and I will have to try on the
> demo some time when I am working on Windows.  I am always keen to support
> fellow Python users in GIS and mapping.  What do you use for image and vector
> access in BATS?  I wonder if GDAL and OGR might be of use?

> Best regards,

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