[Gdal-dev] problems with OSR

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Sat Feb 22 14:33:03 EST 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 14:06:00 -0500 "Frank Warmerdam" 
<warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:
> Gary Bishop wrote:
> Perhaps that's my shapelib library ... Shapelib.   It is also incorporated
> into OGR which provides Shapefiles and other formats.

Yes, that's it. Cool, so we won't need 2 libraries.

> The North Carolina state plane coordinate system can be auto-created
> as EPSG:32119.

How did you know that? Where do I look to get that number?

> eg.

> import osr
> x = osr.SpatialReference()
> x.SetFromEPSG( 32119 )

My library does not appear to have the above method for 
SpatialReference. The methods I see include:

>>> dir(x)
['Clone', 'CloneGeogCS', 'ExportToPrettyWkt', 'ExportToProj4', 
'ExportToWkt', 'GetAttrValue', 'GetAu
thorityCode', 'GetAuthorityName', 'ImportFromEPSG', 'ImportFromESRI', 
'ImportFromWkt', 'IsGeographic
', 'IsProjected', 'IsSame', 'IsSameGeogCS', 'MorphFromESRI', 
'MorphToESRI', 'SetAttrValue', 'SetAuth
ority', 'SetFromUserInput', 'SetGeogCS', 'SetLinearUnits', 'SetProjCS', 
'SetProjParm', 'SetStatePlan
e', 'SetUTM', 'SetWellKnownGeogCS', 'Validate', '__del__', '__doc__', 
'__init__', '__module__', '__s
tr__', '_o']

Am I running the wrong version? Didn't set some compile time parameter?

> Hmm. It might be challenging to get much commercial interest given the small
> size of the market, but it does seem like a good academic / open source
> project.  There are lots of good map data sources available and with some
> work it should be possible to bundle the software with locale appropriate
> map data (as well as world datasets of course) with some local effort.

Agreed. If there was a commercial product it would be $$$$$$$$ like all 
the other accessibility stuff. That's why we want to give the stuff 
away. If the university can't do it, who can?

> My son actually goes to a elementary school with a large number of visually
> impaired students.  As things progress with BATS perhaps I can bundle it
> with Ontario data and offer it to them for a trial.

That would be great.

> Do you have an announcements email list or something like that I could join?

We have a list <bats-users at listserv.unc.edu> but we haven't been using 
it much because we haven't had any external users yet. It appears to me 
that you can join it at



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