[Gdal-dev] Problems with gtiff projections

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Feb 23 00:46:54 EST 2003

Roger James wrote:
> Frank
> I am using a build from CVS from two days ago. I will do some further
> checking. These are the results I have at the moment.


As you traced, the problem is the lack of projop_wparm.csv.  I hadn't
thought that GDAL would require it because normally when resolving a PCS
code it does so using the pcs.csv table, but libgeotiff - used by GDAL -
also requires the projop_wparm.csv table.  I have incorporated it into
gdal/data in CVS.  The next nightly snapshot should include it.

Alternatively you can separately install libgeotiff 1.2.0 which installs this
an many other tables in /usr/local/share/epsg_csv.  I have this installed
which is why things worked for me.

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