[Gdal-dev] Projection import from ArcInfo grid (adf)

VTP ben at vterrain.org
Mon Feb 24 18:55:03 EST 2003

I'm using GDALOpen() to read an ArcInfo binary grid file (a directory of
.adf files).  The projection is presumably specified in the file "prj.adf",
which contains the following:

Projection    LAMBERT
Zunits        NO
Units         METERS
Spheroid      CLARKE1866
Xshift        0.0000000000
Yshift        0.0000000000
 9 56  0.000 /* 1st standard parallel
 11  0  0.000 /* 2nd standard parallel
-84 20  0.000 /* central meridian
 10 28  0.000 /* latitude of projection's origin
500000.00000 /* false easting (meters)
271820.52200 /* false northing (meters)

The dataset opens successfully and allows me to read the grid values, but
when i call GetProjectionRef(), it gives me the following string:


This seems quite wrong; it's picking up the Lambert but missing the rest of
the projection description.

This is with GDAL 1.1.8 (not from CVS).  Am i doing something wrong or is
this an issue with GDAL?


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