R: R: [Gdal-dev] Support for creating ENVI .hdr labeled files

Amici Alessandro alessandro_amici at telespazio.it
Wed Feb 26 11:38:51 EST 2003


> It becomes a different thing if you have written your own idl programs
> is written in idl) that automatically process some envi files and that do
> use the native envi open functions to open these files + headers, but have

> their own opening functions that are a bit more specific.

i use idl, python and c programs (without gdal) which recognize the appended
extension, not the substituted one.

> >
> > Ok. I shall add an appropriate option for more flexibility.
> It's always good to have more flexibility :-)
> I hope this solves Amici's problems.

yes it will.

> > Sample datasets, supplied with ENVI, has .img suffix (and named as
> > <file>.img, <file>.hdr)
> Now I see where the confusion started...

i think linux and windows might have different conventions.
all file created by envi i have ever seen are of the form:
<whatever> + <whatever>.hdr
on linux with envi 3.4 and 3.5.

obviously using "append the .hdr" as the default (as envi does) is fine by
as well :).


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