[Gdal-dev] Gdalinfo error

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jul 15 18:35:04 EDT 2003

Benjamin Wragg wrote:
> Thanks Frank. I have proj.4 installed and working with other programs
> like postgis and mapserver, so I don't think it's proj.4. I'll recompile
> with gdal 1.1.9. To be safe should I remove /usr/local/include from the
> ld.so.conf file just before I compile 1.1.9? Is the ld.so.conf file
> contain what you describe as the "include path"?


There is no need to worry about the /usr/local/include.  It isn't something
that appears in ld.so.conf ... it is one of the places the compiler looks
for include files.  It should *just work*.

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