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Andrey Kiselev dron at ak4719.spb.edu
Fri Jul 18 16:22:51 EDT 2003

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 08:33:50AM -0600, Simon J Perkins wrote:
> This seems like the correct way to do things - analgous to the configure 
> "template" that gets shipped with the linux version that is then used to 
> generate various user-specific files. On linux, the user has to type 
> "configure" before doing a make, and has to specify the configuration 
> options they want. What would be wrong with having a .bat file or VB 
> script, called, say, win-config, that did a similar thing to generate 
> nmake.opt  on windows? win-config by itself would generate a default 
> nmake.opt that would work fine for most people. Then various options 
> would be specified to change the default install path, include various 
> formats, and so forth. win-config itself could be a fairly generic 
> program that reads nmake.opt.in (or even win-config.in) to define what 
> options it handles and what defaults it writes out and to where. Does 
> anything like this exist already? If not I'll look into maybe creating 
> one... I don't suppose I can assume that people building GDAL from 
> source on windows have python installed, can I? What do people use for 
> scripting on windows these days? Surely there's something more advanced 
> than .bat files? Otherwise the win-config script might have to be a 
> compiled thing that gets shipped with GDAL...


Did you note, that current configure script is 7316 lines long and
written in shell language, which is much more feature rich than Windows
cmd? I think writing similar tools for Windows will be a big pain.

Besides of this, you will need to scan all directories to find where is
libraries installed, because there is no predefined places in Windows
environment. And you should run a set of tests in every place, where
you found library, which looks like what you need. All of this will take
a long time without warranty that you really found the right library


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