[Gdal-dev] nmake.opt

Roger James rogerjames99 at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 18 19:22:46 EDT 2003

>As far as I can see, the main issue with this approach is that there is
no >interpreted scripting language that comes standard with windows that
is >more powerful than cmd.exe. So win-config would probably have to be
a >compiled, say C, program itself. So I'd probably add two files to
CVS: win->config.c and make-win-config, which is just a bat file that
compiles >winconfig.c to win-config.exe. For simplicitly, we could also
check thet >win-config.exe script into CVS as a binary file as well.

Have you tried typing "cscript" at a windows command prompt and seeing
what you get. Most windows recent windows installations support jscript
and vbscript via this method.


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