[Gdal-dev] static libraries revamped (was: new build strategy for org/orgsf_frmts/)

Alessandro Amici alexamici at tiscali.it
Tue Jul 22 14:31:52 EDT 2003


Alessandro Amici wrote:
> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> >  Is there any point to having a
> > variety of static libraries now?  Is there any reason to not just fold
> > ogr.a and ogrsf_frmts.a directly into gdal.a?
> actually this would have been _my_ next question ;). i'm working on that.

> > Despite my conservative nature, I am willing to suffer a little
> > disruption at this point if it will be helpful in the future.
> ok, i'll prepare a patch for the unification of the various static
> libraries in the next few days.
> if you agree i'd also take the chance to change the static library name to
> the more standard libgdal.a. better one big application build breakage than
> two

HEADS UP, this is disruption time!

i just committed the last remaining bit of the static library unification.
now all object files that were fonund in gdal.a, ogr.a, orgsf_frmts.a and 
cpl.a are linked into the new libgdal.a. gdal.a disappeared and the other old 
static libraries will follow soon.

the ogr directory is treated using partial linking (ld -r) which should work 
on most unix flavours (tested on linux and i checked the man pages of IRIX, 
HP-UX and SunOS). please report to the list any problem related to ogr/ogr.o.

anybody building applications statically against gdal is invited to test the 
new unified library lingdal.a, and report any problem (hopefully none ;)


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