[Gdal-dev] static libraries revamped (was: new build strategy for org/orgsf_frmts/)

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Thu Jul 24 08:42:40 EDT 2003

Amici Alessandro writes:
> FYI, the problematic symbols (i.e. _ZN8OGRCurveD0Ev) refer to the
> destructurs
> of a class (i.e. OGRCurve). they are not defined or declared anywhere in the
> code.
> note that sometimes the error is raised by the time another class
> OGRLineString
> (with OGRCurve as a parent) is being resolved.
> some examples:
> $ ld -r -o ogr.o ogrcurve.o

I don't have Cygwin on this machine or I would try this

what happens if you use c++ and not ld


c++ -Wl,--relocatable -o ogr.o ogrcurve.o


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