[Gdal-dev] Exception thrown in GDALOpen() function

N. Farah nfarah at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 11:26:42 EDT 2003


I have built GDAL-1.1.9 binaries on windows and start using it to open and 
read some tif files. After registering the requisted driver (here tif), i 
called "GDALOpen() to open the tif file. But an exception is thrown. After 
diging into code, the opening went fine, but the exception is risen in the 
destructor of GDALOpenInfo object. More exactly in the line "CPLFree( 
pszFilename )". My understanding is that pszFilename is allocated by 
duplicating the input file name passed in GDALOpen() function.

I'm wondering if there are some incompatibilities between the functions of 
memory allocation and memory deallocation..?

Or another reason that cause the failure of memory deallocation ?

Noureddine Farah

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