[Gdal-dev] gdal_translate segfaults at tiff->envi

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 5 11:09:48 EDT 2003

Vincent Schut wrote:
> Replying my own post...
> The problem appeared to be that my tiff files were *not* geotiff files, and 
> thus contained no projection info. This resulting in an empty pszProjName and 
> thus a segfaulting strstr(pszProjName, "UTM") (line 363 in envidataset.cpp).
> If we want gdal_translate to export projection-less envi files, I suggest 
> changing line 363 in something like:
> if ( ( pszProjName != NULL ) && ( strstr( pszProjName, "UTM" ) ) )
> which resolved the problem.
> If we don't want it to write envi files without proj info, I suppose it should 
> generate an error message and quit. Maybe a 'bin' or 'raw' output format 
> could be added then to have envi-like (simple binary) files?


Thanks for tracking this down.

Andrey, could you look into a robust solution to this?

I see in the code you do this to check the projection name to see
if it contains UTM.  This is not a robust way of determining if a projection
is UTM.  Instead just call oSRS.GetUTMZone() and check that the result is
non-zero.  If so, then the coordinate system is UTM otherwise not.

	if ( strstr( pszProjName, "UTM" ) )
	    iUTMZone = oSRS.GetUTMZone( &bNorth );

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