[Gdal-dev] SeaWiFS Level 3 Standard Mapped Image Products

Andrey Kiselev dron at ak4719.spb.edu
Thu Jun 12 11:23:01 EDT 2003

Hi, folks,

There is support for SeaWiFS Level 3 Standard Mapped Image Products in
GDAL now. These datasets are very similar to MODIS Level 3 ones, so it
was easy to extend the driver.

SeaWiFS is not very popular these days after `Aqua' launching, but
somebody may be interested in this anyway, so I make a special announce
about it.

Also I have improved MODIS Level 2 detection. Really verbosive product
description will be displayed in SUBDATASET_n_DESC field now (e.g.,
instead of old `[2030x1354] sst (16-bit unsigned integer)' now will be
displayed `[2030x1354] sst: Sea surface temperature, daytime, 11 micron
(16-bit unsigned integer)'). 


Andrey V. Kiselev
Home phone:  +7 812 5274898  ICQ# 26871517

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