[Gdal-dev] question about API tutorial

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jun 17 11:26:01 EDT 2003

Tim Smith wrote:
> I have fixed the compile error, it was a typo on my
> part (getDescription vs Getdescription).
> But I still have the problem with the getgeoTransform
> at run time.
> I can't sent a copy of the nitf I am using.  But they
> are nitf 2.0, with a single image, the gdalinfo app
> returns the driver, size, coordinate system, corner
> coordinates, and a color table.  If there is something
> specific I can look up about/in the nitf that would
> help you determine the problem, just let me know. 
> The code I am using is almost an exact copy of the
> tutorial from the web page, with a few print
> statements, and using the argv parameter to pass the
> file name in.


The problem with GetGeoTransform() presumably represents an issue
with the NITF driver, not your code.  You mention you are getting
corner coordinates from gdalinfo, are they sensible?  It might be
helpful if you could send your "gdalinfo" output for the image.  Also
the results of nitfdump (cd into gdal/frmts/nitf and make this by hand)
on the image.

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