[Gdal-dev] Compiling errors under GDAL in cvs

Simon Perkins s.perkins at lanl.gov
Thu Jun 19 01:05:41 EDT 2003

> > Suggestions?  Would it be easist to mod jasper?  Disable the compile of
> > jpeg2000?  If so what option should I use with configure in GDAL?
> If you just want to use GDAL you don't need OpenGL jiv application from
> JasPer package (it is simple image viewer). JasPer configure option
> `--disable-opengl' helps you. Or you may completely disable JPEG2000
> driver in GDAL using `--without-jasper' switch.

Just to throw in my two cents (but mostly to say "hi-Rob-how's-it-going"!),
autoconf generated configure scripts support a --help option that automatically
lists all the configuration options that are available.



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