R: [Gdal-dev] Geotiff support and issues with libgeotiff/libtiff

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jun 20 11:20:18 EDT 2003

> I used 3.6.0beta, and everything works *much* better (maybe gdal's docs
> could list requirements for geotiff>=1.2.0 for external geotiff support,
> and geotiff could be documented as reqruiring libtiff>=3.6.0?).
> Frank, if I may abuse this list for one more post on libgeotiff, there
> is a buglet in configure for libgeotiff's checks for proj, it checks to
> see if $PROJ_HOME/src is a directory, and if so, uses $PROJ_HOME/src to
> find libproj.a. So, if proj is installed with a prefix of /usr,
> configure checks for /usr/src, finds it, but doesn't find a libproj.a
> below it, since it is in /usr/lib.
> This section need to be improved:
>   if test -d $PROJ_HOME/src ; then
>   fi
> For the moment I just have this line in my spec file:
> perl -pi -e 's|test -d \$PROJ_HOME/src|false|g' configure


I see this has already been fixed in CVS.  I will release a libgeotiff 1.2.1
today with this and a few other fixes.

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