[Gdal-dev] datum.csv -> gdal_datum.csv?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 26 09:06:41 EDT 2003

Ben Discoe wrote:
> The file gdal/data/datum.csv was removed from CVS and replaced by
> gdal_datum.csv?  Did i miss something.  The files look superficially
> similar, some reason for a name change?


The file was previously a direct copy of the EPSG derived datum.csv
distributed with libgeotiff.  However, I have added a new column,
ESRI_DATUM_NAME, that isn't part of the EPSG table, nor is part of the
libgeotiff version of datum.csv.  So to avoid confusion I have renamed
the file.

As you might guess, the column is used as part of the OGRSpatialReference
services for converting between ESRI WKT .prj files and a more EPSG based
set of datum names.

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