[Gdal-dev] GDAL/OGR 1.1.9 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jun 27 17:45:22 EDT 2003


I have prepared a GDAL/OGR 1.1.9 release to capture the changes since
the December 1.1.8 release.  This new cut is the one required for MapServer
4.0.  Links for source can be found on the GDAL page:


For windows binaries, grab the OpenEV_FW 1.6.2 release from:


I have included an overview of changes since 1.1.8, though there are lots of
bugs fixes and minor features not mentioned here.  This release also has
a surprising number of direct code contributors - direct commits from at
least six people other than myself.

I am on vacation for a week now, so hopefully this cut isn't to badly broken.
If it is, I will leave it to Andrey to patch things up and issue a
patch release.

Best regards,

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GDAL 1.1.9 - Overview of Changes

  o MrSID Driver: New for 1.1.9, read-only, includes good coordiante system
    support, and should be high performance.

  o ECW Driver: Now reads coordinate system information (but doesn't write).

  o HDF Driver: Added support for Hyperion Level 1, Aster Level 1A/1B/2, MODIS
    Level 1B(earth-view)/2/3, SeaWIFS Level 3.

  o L1B Driver: Now reads GCPs for georeferencing.

  o NITF Driver: Support for reading RPC, variety of bugs fixes for reading and
    writing.  Also some general RPC infrastructure added to GDAL.

  o JP2KAK Driver: Can be used with Kakadu 4.0.2 now.  Compatibility fixes
    for internal geotiff to improve compatibility with Mapping Science tools.
    Added palette support.

  o HFA (Imagine) Driver: Added read/write support for color table opacity.
    Added write support for large (spill) files.

  o "core" directory renamed to "gcore" to avoid confusing configure script.

  o Added support for GDAL_DATA environment variable to point to GDAL support
    data files (those in gdal/data directory).

  o Added GDALDataset::RasterIO() for more efficient reading of multiple bands
    in one request (in some cases anyways).

  o High performance warp api considered to be complete now, and substantially

  o gdal_merge.py: supported multiple bands, copying PCT.

OGR 1.1.9 - Overview of Changes

  o Oracle Spatial: New generic read/write, and implemented highly optimized
    loading support.

  o Tiger driver: added support for TIGER/Line 2002 product.

  o GML driver:  now supports Xerces versions from 1.6 up to 2.3.  Lots of
    bugs fixes and improvements.   GML Geometry now in OGR core.

  o Improved support for translating to and from ESRI WKT, including a complete
    mapping between EPSG related ESRI datum names and OGR's expected names.

  o Improved support for alternate prime meridians in coordinate system code.

  o Shapefiles: Can write features with NULL geometry,

  o DGN: added 3d write support.

  o Implemented generic attribute indexing support (only used for shapefile
    at this point).  Use in SQL where clauses and ExecuteSQL().

  o WKT MULTIPOINT in/out formatting fixed.

  o Added SynToDisk() method on OGRDataset and OGRLayer.

  o Implemented "Web Coordinate Transformation Service" (ogr/wcts).

  o Implemented "in memory" format driver.

  o C API documented.

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