[Gdal-dev] Tiger Polygons

Thomas Hargrove ciagon at yourmom.sh
Sat Mar 1 18:43:45 EST 2003


I am building a Tiger map server that uses the shapefiles provided on
ESRI.com.  As it turns out, getting the ESRI files is pretty tedious, so a
few people and I are trying to generate similar shapefiles using the US
Census files and ogr2ogr.  The lines come out just fine (Road, Rail,
Rivers), but we can not get any Polys to work (County00, Water, Urban Areas,
Landmark Polys).  Is this going to be possible with ogr2ogr, or are we going
to need to buy tgr2shp or manifold.

Also, if ogr2ogr does not support it, roughly how much work would be
required for someone to add it?

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Hargrove

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