[Gdal-dev] Tiger Polygons

Thomas Hargrove ciagon at yourmom.sh
Wed Mar 5 01:16:35 EST 2003

I got tigerpoly to run!  It segfaults at the end, but after it has produced
a useable shapefile.

Now that I have the polys, I need to filter them into county, water,
landmarks, and urban areas.  I take it this need to be done in python.

I see what you mean when you said it will be a lot of work.  Unfortunately,
I need these polys to draw useable maps with my map server.

Assuming that the tigerpoly.py spit out all the attributes, could I simply
use "ogr2ogr --where..." to get the 4 sets of poly's I need, or is there
more processing that needs to take place?


> Tom,
> Arggg.  I believe this is related to the version of swig used to generate
> the gdal_wrap.c.  I would suggest deleting the gdal_wrap.c you have,
> doing a cvs update, and then touching the new one so that the makefile
> try to regenerate it.
> It seems to be an issue about whether the swig wrappers consider None to
> mean NULL in C.  At least one specific version of swig does (the one I
> use), but others do not (like what I have on my new redhat system).
> If the above doesn't solve the problem let me know.  I will be committing
> version of ogr.py that tries to handle the need for 'NULL' gracefully.
> Best regards,
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