[Gdal-dev] Save GeoTiff

Ayman Kamal kamal_jo at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 02:32:19 EST 2003

I used "gdal_translate" to convert a gray .bmp file to
a geotiff file. I opened this file using GDAL library,
and tried it in other viewers, it worked.

Now I tried to convert a colored .bmp files: 256,
Then I opened the resulting geotiff file in my
application using GDAL and tried the same using OpenEV
and it worked,


I tried to open it using differnt GeoTiff viewers, one
of them showed it as a whole black and the other didnt
open it and complained with the message:

"65535: Sample out of range, max 3"

What is the problem? Is the problem that the images
arec colored or what?

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