[Gdal-dev] Landsat 7 data

Horst Reinecke hreinec at gwdg.de
Wed Mar 12 09:56:05 EST 2003

Am Mittwoch, 12. März 2003 15:20 schrieben Sie:
> Horst,
> You have normal FAST L7 dataset. Your headers are work for me. Could you
> show output of `ls' command in the directory where the dataset is?
'ls' shows:
index.txt					l71169072_07220001009_hpn.fst
l71169072_07220001009_b10.fst		l71169072_07220001009_hrf.fst
l71169072_07220001009_b20.fst		l71169072_07220001009_htm.fst
l71169072_07220001009_b30.fst		l71169072_07220001009_b62.fst	
l71169072_07220001009_b40.fst		l71169072_07220001009_b70.fst
l71169072_07220001009_b50.fst		l71169072_07220001009_b80.fst	
l71169072_07220001009_b61.fst		readme.ff7

Have I to configure my gdal?

Thanks, Horst

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