[Gdal-dev] OGR Style.

Frédéric Trastour support at geoimage.fr
Wed Mar 12 10:48:05 EST 2003


I'm using OGR to access Mapinfo file. The feature style string reurned by GetStyleString
looks like :

PEN(w:1px,c:#0000ff,id:"mapinfo-pen-14.ogr-pen-6",p:"8 2 1 2px")

The two pen IDs "mapinfo-pen-14" and "ogr-pen-6" are separated by a dot.
Normally, as documented in the "OGR - Feature style specification" document,
they should be separated by a comma.

Where is the bug ? in the doc. or in the library ?
I have noticed other small differences between the doc. and the library.
How can i submit a correction of the source in order to do not have to patch gdal
each time i get a new version ?

Frédéric Trastour - dev at geoimage.fr

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