[Gdal-dev] GNU make build system update

Alessandro Amici alexamici at tiscali.it
Tue Sep 2 18:14:05 EDT 2003


the build system is now close to the point i can start including (optional) 
libtool support.

most of the changes i did up to now were intended to be generally useful 
cleanups. there is still work that can be done, however:

gdal-1.1.9$ find . -name GNUmakefile -o -name GDALmake.opt | xargs wc
 2827  6507 58432 total

gdal-current$ find . -name GNUmakefile -o -name GDALmake.opt | xargs wc
 2290  5095 47873 total

now the libtool specific changes will stat going in.

first of all, in order to proceed with the libtool integration a few files 
need to be added to the topdir, namely:
all files in the 100k+ range :(
furthermore a 200k patch to aclocal.m4 is needed!

all this stuff is distributed with the libtool package and it is intended to 
make the build process independent on the version of libtool that people may 
have installed.

it will take a bit of time before the alternative build will be fully 
fuctional, but those who feel brave enough can try to add --with-libtool to 
the configure command line to see how things are proceding ;)

for the others nothing should change.


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