R: [Gdal-dev] GNU make build system update

Alessandro Amici alexamici at tiscali.it
Wed Sep 3 15:01:16 EDT 2003


On Wednesday 03 September 2003 10:19, Amici Alessandro wrote:
> Frank,
> > I suppose we should upgrade. I see I have autoconf 2.53 here on my redhat
> > system, so something around that version should be fine.
> ok. the latest autoconf release, namely 2.57, is the default on both
> platforms
> i have access to: debian (unstable) and cygwin. i vote for that.
> so i will commit the needed changes and the configure script built with
> autoconf 2.57 later.


as a matter of fact, things went smoother than i thought, and we already have 
initial libtool support for gdal!

on linux i could complete the build with:
	$ ./configure --with-libtool --without-python
the light testing i did on the resulting binaries gave no problem.

people with non-linux, non-windows platforms are invited to give the new build 
system a spin and report the problems they find.

in order to avoid the double compile during development and to end up with 
easily debuggable binaries i suggest the developers to use --disable-shared 
as well.

note that a few contrib libs are yet not supported, i.e. libgif.
libtiff and libgeotiff are working thou.


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