[Gdal-dev] ogr2ogr on Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 vs. Red Hat 9

Doug_Newcomb at fws.gov Doug_Newcomb at fws.gov
Thu Sep 4 10:03:35 EDT 2003



>I don't know why this failing, expecially with the error message you are
>If the issue where create permissions for the shapefile, I would expect
>to be created.  It might be helpful to set "CPL_DEBUG=ON" in your
>to get additional information.  Also, if you can run things under valgrind
>might provide some useful information.

I'll try to get you more info .  I've never tried either method, but now is
a good time to start.

>I would appreciate anything you can do to narrow down this problem to
>I might be able to reproduce and debug.

>PS. You have some nice systems!

Thanks! I try to buy to last:-).  I put the hardware specs in to indicate
it was not likely a hardware resource issue.

>Best regards,


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