[Gdal-dev] census 2000 tiger 108th org2ogr errors

Heitzso heitzso at growthmodels.com
Tue Sep 23 16:58:55 EDT 2003

First, I want to thank the ogr2ogr author for writing
a tool to digest the tiger files into postgis tables.

I downloaded all GA counties from census site for
tiger 2000 108th congressional district release
(I believe current official release) and crunched
through most of the ogr2ogr features supported.
The following record-type/files and record #
errors were noted by ogr2ogr:

  RT2  6194 -021
       2941 -023
       4223 -049
      12540 -139
       1805 -201
       7148 -223
  RT5  1013 -001
  RTS  3509 -001
  RT2    40 -001
  RTI 10106 -001

What should I do to correct these?  I'm assuming
the census tiger data files are dirty, but don't
know that.  If it would be of help I could extract
the relevant records noted above and email them
to a developer.

Assuming the census data files are dirty, should
we create a small set of patch files that can
be run against the directory of *RT? files to clean
them up?  Just a thought.

The features I processed into postgis tables:
	("CompleteChain", True),
	("AltName", False),
	("FeatureIds", False),
	("ZipCodes", False),
	("Landmarks", True),
	("AreaLandmarks", False),
	("KeyFeatures", False),
	("Polygon", True),
	("EntityNames", False),
	("IDHistory", False),
	("PolyChainLink", False),
	("PIP", True)

featuresNotProcessed = [
	("ZipPlus4", False)

(note the second parameter controlled whether
a geometry index was created by my crunching script)


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