[Gdal-dev] Several questions

Romano J M Silva rmagacho at predialnet.com.br
Tue Apr 13 13:00:44 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I have several questions to ask I tought it would be better to stick
them all in one message,

1) This one I've already sent to the list, but I will try it again Does
anyone know a GUI software to georeference a TIFF image. I have
(pixel,line) and (X,Y) relationship and I want to georeference the image
based on this information.

2) On a paletted image which uses a colortable, is it guaranteed that
the same colortable fits for all its overviews?

3) Is there any documentation of the internals of RasterIO function?
What I am interested to know is how much memory is fetched at once in a
RasterIO operation and what is the effect of loading a non-optimal block.

4) What are tiled images and how can I create one?

5) Is there a way to know the if the image is RGB or CMY without loading
the bands individually, at the dataset level?

6) When getRasterXSize and getRasterBandXSize will generate different

Ufff! That's it. No need to say I am really a newbie at GDAL.

Thanks for any feedback,
Romano Magacho
IMBEL - Rio de Janeiro - BRazil

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