[Gdal-dev] Python Module Build

Alessandro Amici alexamici at fastwebnet.it
Thu Apr 15 04:02:18 EDT 2004


On Thursday 15 April 2004 04:32, Sean Fulton wrote:
> I've found that running the above command with "-framework Python"
> fixes this error, however, I can't find how to add "-framework Python"
> to that build command through the make or autoconf files.
> The configure log shows a PYTHON_LINK variable whose value contains
> "-framework ${PYTHONFRAMEWORK}" but it doesn't seem to be used
> anywhere.
> How do I pass "-framework Python" to the build command?

ok, finally i understand what is going on on MacOS X. i'll try to fix the 
configure/make system ASAP. it is not strightforward, but it can be done ;).

> Also, is there a way to specify more than one location for Python
> headers and libs without mucking about in the configure script? Setting
> the PYTHON_INCLUDE environment variable seems to have no effect on
> configure.

i'll have a look at that also. in the mean time: the correct name for the 
variable is PYTHON_INCLUDES, can that be the problem?

thanks very much for your report! 

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