[Gdal-dev] VC proj files?

Norman Barker normanb at comsine.co.uk
Tue Aug 3 13:18:18 EDT 2004

Ed McNierney wrote:

>David -
>I do not have any project files for you, in part because I discovered
>long ago that GDAL's makefiles for Windows were excellent, and the
>easiest to use of the several packages I'm dealing with.  They have been
>anything BUT a nightmare for me.
>If you're having a particular problem with them and would like to get
>them working, please let me know.  I have found project files to be
>EXTREMELY non-portable (or rather, extremely easy to make in a
>non-portable way) and gave up on creating them quite a while ago.
>	- Ed
>Ed McNierney
>President and Chief Mapmaker
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>Does anyone have VC.NET 2003 project files for GDAL?  Make files are a
>nightmare.  I've contemplated trying to create a project file myself,
>but I figured if someone had already done it and was nice enough to
>share, that I'd take advantage of that.
I too am having problems with VC.NET 2003 command line compiler for GDAL 
(though it isn't
a nightmare yet :-) ), the line

$(LIB):    $(OBJ)
    LIB /OUT:cpl.lib *.obj


I am not a makefile or c++ expert though, I using GDAL within Ossim 
which I am trying to build.


Norman Barker

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