[Gdal-dev] GeoTiff reprojection

jirifranc at centrum.cz jirifranc at centrum.cz
Fri Aug 6 05:12:20 EDT 2004

I have a *.tiff file in projection 28459 and I need change it to projection 28403. So I'm wrote this:  

# gdalwarp -s_srs EPSG:28459 -t_srs EPSG:28403 -of GTiff a290035_002.tif new.tif

and it returned me this:

ERROR 6: EPSG PCS/GCS code 28459 not found in EPSG support files.  Is this a valid
EPSG coordinate system?
ERROR 1: Translating source or target SRS failed:

But I have defined this projection in epsg file. 
# Pulkovo 1942 / Gauss-Kruger zone59
<28459> +proj=tmerc +lat_0=0 +lon_0=-9 +k=1.000000 +x_0=59500000 +y_0=0 +ellps=krass +units=m +no_defs  no_defs <>

And when I use another file (in 28402) projection and try to change projection to 28403:  
# gdalwarp -s_srs EPSG:28402 -t_srs EPSG:28403 -of GTiff a320031_002.tif new.tif

it wrote me this:

Creating output file is that 1240P x 1240L.
:0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.
It made *.tiff of about 6MB long. But original *.tiff have  about 235kB.   

Could You help me, with both problems?
Thanks Jiri Franc.

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