[Gdal-dev] Gdal_translate Error

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 16 11:33:04 EDT 2004

David W. Lowther wrote:
> Hi List,
> We’re processing some large SID images back to TIF to project. Some 
> images work just fine, others (most) have issues like this:
> gdal_translate -projwin 635544.7539 3930207.3199 648110.83864 
> 3915163.12478 h:\deqdata\oklahoma\Oklahoma.sid 
> h:\deqdata\oklahoma\x1_35097D4.tif -co "TFW=YES"
> Input file size is 63929, 57190
> Computed -srcwin 22976 35037 12566 15044 from projected window.
> 0.ERROR 1: Internalize failed
> ERROR 1: GetBlockRef failed at X block offset 0, Y block offset


My guess would be that your -projwin definition touches an edge and for some
reason related to rounding or whatever the requested window ends up being a
pixel or more off the image.  This might result in an error similar to what
you see.  Can you verify if that might be it?

Altneratively, is it possible these are color images?  If so, the resulting
TIFF would be larger than 4GB and would run into some sort of problem.

PS. the error message should have included a y block offset which might have
been helpful.

Best regards,

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