[Gdal-dev] Tilting of 7.5" Digital Elevation Models

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Stefan -

They're not tilted, they're projected.  In the UTM projection the
central meridian (for that zone) is "straight up" in the projection -
meridians to the west of it will "tilt" to the right and those to the
east will "tilt" to the left.  But they're not tilted, they're curved,
and the degree of "tilt" also depends on the latitude.

	- Ed

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Hello everybody!

I have a question concerning the "tilting" of the 7.5" DEM Files. Are
the DEMs within one UTM zone all tilted in the same direction?
When speaking of tilting, I mean the angle between the UTM zone's y-axis
and the meridians.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


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