[Gdal-dev] envi header info

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 23 11:08:51 EDT 2004

Carlos A. Rueda wrote:
> I'm using GDAL/OGR to write some tools operating on raster (mostly Envi)
> and vector (shapefile) files. So far I haven't seen any way to easily
> access attributes from the envi header through the library, e.g.
> wavelength values. Am I missing something? or do I have to solve
> this query by other means? --thanks.
> carlos


Currently the ENVI driver in GDAL discards much of the stuff in the .hdr
file, keeping only the coordinate system, geotransform and image structure.
Ideally some of the other information would be returned as metadata but
currently it is not.

If you needs are quite specific you might just want to write some code to
read the .hdr file yourself to get it out.

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