[Gdal-dev] how to build GDAL with GRASS support and GRASS with GDAL support?

Steve Halasz debian at adkgis.org
Fri Aug 27 15:35:25 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 20:44, Eduardo Patto Kanegae wrote:
> "./configure" script of GDAL has --with-grass option...
> but how should I do it if to build GRASS I may also have a --with-gdal 
> when compiling GRASS?
> what will be the right procedure? to build GRASS, after build GDAL and 
> then re-build GRASS ? or is there another way?

Yes, that should work. I have done it by building grass against gdal
without the grass patch, and then rebuilding gdal with the patch.


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