[Gdal-dev] Problem writing to MapInfo files

Woon Wei Lee wlwoon at must.edu.my
Wed Jul 7 15:09:39 EDT 2004

Hi all

I have been trying to put together a little program to re-write data from an existing *.TAB file to a new layer but with different colours for the features (I am working on an app to process traffic data then return a colour-coded congestion map) but the ogr library refuses to transfer the stylestring info over to the new layer. 

I noticed from a previous posting that this is a known bug ( http://xserve.flids.com/pipermail/gdal-dev/2004-July/006558.html ) so I thought I could have a short at debugging it but I can't seem to find the relevant part of the ogr source. 

My program uses the function OGR_L_CreateFeature() from the c api which is a wrapper for OGRLayer::CreateFeature() but the closest I can find is this bit of code from ogrlayer.cpp:

OGRErr OGRLayer::CreateFeature( OGRFeature * )


which presumably is a stub for some driver specific version which is contained in another file.. however I just can't find where the "real" function is. Could anyone help me out please??

Wei Lee

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