[Gdal-dev] Gdal CVS and VRTSourcedRasterBand

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jul 28 13:58:00 EDT 2004

Ken Sewell wrote:
> I'm failing to compile the current cvs (as of 11:44am EST) because it
> seems that the type VRTSourcedRasterBand is undefined.  Was this type not
> checked in?  The code that calls it is frmts/vrt/vrtdataset.cpp.
> Thanks.


Sorry about that.  I was holding a pile of VRT changes while I do some work, but
ended up accidentally commiting part of them when adding another feature for
VRT files.  I have committed all the VRT code now, including makefile updates
and the gdal/apps/gdal_translate.cpp changes.

Please update from CVS and try again.

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