[Gdal-dev] gdal debian package

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 1 15:45:02 EDT 2004

Silke Reimer wrote:
> Hallo!
> Writing the mail about the gdal Fedora pacakge I remembered that the
> debian directory is still missing the update of some rather
> substantial changes. I still have problems with my CVS access and
> it would be nice if you, Frank, can have another look on it. 
> Otherwise I would suggest to take the diff [1] and apply it to the CVS.
> You will have to ensure though that it doesn't break anything that
> has been done since the gdal 1.2.1 release.


I had a few problems and issues with the changes:

Why is this needed?

--- gdal-1.2.1.orig/GDALmake.opt.in
+++ gdal-1.2.1/GDALmake.opt.in
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@
  # HDF4 Support.

It seems that this would be used in gdal/frmts/hdf4/GNUmakefile where
the $(GDAL_INCLUDES) already includes -I$(GDAL_ROOT)/ogr.

I also don't really understand what the HDFEOSVersion.h changes were
supposed to do. I had trouble with auto-applying them so I tried to do
it by hand, but looking at it more closely it seems a comparable patch
may already have been applied.

I think I have applied the various other changes correctly (some by hand)
but you might want to check.

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