[Gdal-dev] crash ( access violation ) in GDAL when trying to read a TIFF

Stephane Routelous route at cae.com
Wed Sep 1 16:44:49 EDT 2004

Hi Andrey,

I tried to take the 3.7.0 alpha from http://libtiff.maptools.org/dl/ ,
extract it in frmts\gtiff, rename the tiff-3.7.0alpha directory to libtiff,
rerun submake.bat, but it does not work.
As I know nothing qbout using makefiles, I don't know what to try now.
I'm on Windows 2000 with VisualC++6.0 SP6.

thanks in advance,


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On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 02:10:01PM -0400, Stephane Routelous wrote:
> here is the content of tiffvers.h :
> #define TIFFLIB_VERSION_STR "LIBTIFF, Version 3.6.1\nCopyright (c)
> Sam Leffler\nCopyright (c) 1991-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc."
> /*
>  * This define can be used in code that requires
>  * compilation-related definitions specific to a
>  * version or versions of the library.  Runtime
>  * version checking should be done based on the
>  * string returned by TIFFGetVersion.
>  */
> #define TIFFLIB_VERSION 20031226

Ok. Could you try to buid GDAL with the recent libtiff from the CVS?
There are many bugs fixed since the 3.6.1 release and few importand
issues was cleaned up few days ago.


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