[Gdal-dev] Some newbie can't open MrSID

William Lyons wlyons at prologic-inc.com
Thu Sep 16 13:40:30 EDT 2004


After successfully building the source (kudos for the relatively
painless build even in windows), I've been learning all I can about how
to use GDAL from the online tutorials.  But, I have hit a snag.  I can't
open MrSID files.  I tried the following:

    GDALDatasetH  hDataset;
    hDataset = GDALOpen( argv[1], GA_ReadOnly );
    if( hDataset == NULL )
		printf("File not opened\n");
		return 1;

	const char *sidFormat = "MrSID";
    GDALDriverH sidDriver = GDALGetDriverByName( sidFormat );
    char **sidMetadata;

    if( sidDriver == NULL )
		printf( "No MrSID Support!!" );
        exit( 1 );

Most of it is straight out of the tutorial and I always get "No MrSID

William Lyons

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