[Gdal-dev] plotting data

Roger Persson rogper at bredband.net
Sat Sep 18 08:05:15 EDT 2004


I'm relative new to GIS and GIS data and have compiled GDAL on Mac OS X 
10.3. Currently, I'm using the OGR classes, but since those are include 
in GDAL I guess I can ask OGR related questions here.

I've created a little program that loads a shape-file and prints the 
contents (which include thousands of lines...) However, now I want to 
plot this data graphically.

1. From OGR sources, it is mentioned a class named "OGRWin" that shows 
how to create a device to plot points graphically on the screen. 
However, I can't find any such class in the sources. Where is this 
sample class? Maybe this will solve my most worries? :-)

2. I have some sample GIS data in a shape file. However, when it is 
load, there is no OGRSpatialReference created in the OGRGeometry 
collections and, hence, I can't project coordinates by an 
OGRCoordinateTransformation-object from lat/long into 2D pixel-points. 
What are am suppose to do? Assume it is lat/long coordinates to create 
my own OGRSpatialReference?

Please note that this is my first message on this list, be patient. :-)


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