[Gdal-dev] TIFF Compressions Disabled (Unix)

Julien Demaria dem at acri-st.fr
Wed Sep 22 09:50:44 EDT 2004


should I also add the other options from makefile.vc (fillorder, stripchop, 
extrasample, ycbcr_subsampling, $(jpeg_flags)) ? :

in makefile.vc :



At 15:26 22/09/2004, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>Julien Demaria wrote:
>>Maybe I'm wrong but it seems that at least PACKBITS and LZW TIFF 
>>compressions are disabled under Unix in the current GDAL CVS (and in 
>>1.2.2 version) :
>>in frmts/gtiff/libtiff/GNUmakefile only pass the -DZIP_SUPPORT 
>I am afraid you are quite correct.  I had noticed this and talked to Andrey
>about it briefly, but then I forgot to ensure it was corrected before the
>In the meantime I believe you can just add the extra defines in the
>ALL_C_FLAGS     =       $(CFLAGS) -I../../zlib \
>                         -DZIP_SUPPORT -DPIXARLOG_SUPPORT
>I have created a bug report to track this problem:
>I will try to issue a GDAL 1.2.3 within a few weeks since this is a fairly
>noteworthy flaw in 1.2.2.
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