[Gdal-dev] GDT ASCII Conversion

Randy Page randy.page at terraverge.com
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My GDT directories look exactly the same, except the file extensions all
begin with the letter "L" rather than "T" as yours did.   According to the
GDT documentation, L means the delimiter is line feed, while t means the
delimiter is carriage return, line feed.



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Randy Page wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have national coverage of GDT ASCII formatted data that I need to get 
> into PostGIS/PostgreSQL.   I saw a reference in the news section of 
> gdal.maptools.org that OGR 1.2.0 has  "Added support for GDT ASCII 
> TIGER-like format."   But, I can't find any reference for how to use 
> this with tools like OGR2OGR.   I have tried specifying the input as 
> TIGER, but it does not recognize the GDT data.   Any suggestions?


The GDT data sample I was provided for development included some
with datasets that are roughly in TIGER/Line format.  For instance I have
a directory called USA/12/12057 which looks like this:

CPYRIGHT.TXX  D12057.TF7  D12057.TL2  D12057.TMA  D12057.TT7  D12057.TXE
D12057.AIR    D12057.TI7  D12057.TL7  D12057.TMI  D12057.TV1  DATUM.TXT
D12057.TA1    D12057.TK1  D12057.TL8  D12057.TP1  D12057.TV2  H12057X.TX1
D12057.TA2    D12057.TK2  D12057.TLA  D12057.TR1  D12057.TV7  H12057X.TX2
D12057.TA7    D12057.TK7  D12057.TLI  D12057.TR2  D12057.TV8  H12057X.TX3
D12057.TA8    D12057.TK8  D12057.TM1  D12057.TS1  D12057.TVA
D12057.TAA    D12057.TKA  D12057.TM2  D12057.TS2  D12057.TVI
D12057.TAI    D12057.TKI  D12057.TM7  D12057.TS4  D12057.TW1
D12057.TC7    D12057.TL1  D12057.TM8  D12057.TS5  D12057.TW2

This directory can be opened as a TIGER/Line dataset in OGR.  There are lots
of other directories of information in the GDT dataset that are not
by these tiger-like directories seem to hold the bulk of the road lines.

I'm not sure how this might change across GDT versions.

Best regards,

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